you will always be the one that i love the most.. no matter what happens, my love is stronger each second.. i miss u.. i miss the old you..
happiness is when i reread your messages.. sadness is when i know i’ll never get those again
i love u dear


~send me an angel

~send me an angel
so my tears will wash away
send me an angel
so i can wear that sweet smile again
send me an angel
so i won’t make the same mistakes again and again
send me an angel
so that i can fight the devil
send me an angel
so that i can get away of my evil
send me an angel
so that sin turns into saint
send me an angel
so that i can be one -mynshazmindec2014-

down the memory lane

i was tidying my room and looking for my old notes…
suddenly i found this so heartbreaking picture..
the reason why it never work out with anybody else..
he was my other half.. maybe my first true love.. but then he left.. he moved on.. married with someone else..and live happily ever after…
me? still struggling in my life.. too late for any love story anymore…. pathetic!


am i that ugly?

i was frustrated like hell.. feels like eating all the medicine and sleep for the rest of my life.
am i that ugly? am i that fat? am i that weird?
it’s just a week, a one week thing, the happiest one week in my life
i am happy the feeling of he is there
but pathetic me after he brought me to the movie, he left just like that… he texted me asking me to accompany him watch a movie, we never met each other only as virtual friend but it was really a great friendship.. he picked me up, brought me to the cinema, watched the movie and sent me back- thats it! not even a drink.. and the saddest thing, no more all the sweet messages.. this is pathetic and hopeless right?
since yesterday, i keep thinking am i that ugly? i am sad
i just hope that i can get rid of this pathetic feeling.. the new year just begin and i don’t want the sadness continues.. people, please pray for me, will you?